Covid-19 News and Regulations

Notice 34 of 2021: Certificate issued in terms of schedule 1, paragraph 8 of the value added tax act, 1991 (act no. 89 of 1991), rebate item 412.11/00.00/01.00

Dear valued stakeholders:

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the operations of ITAC at its place of business with reduced staffing currently in place. Any queries in relation to ITAC's business units should be addressed to the following senior managers:

Tariff Investigations: Rika Theart - | Pateka Busika -

Trade Remedies: Zoleka Xabendlini - | Carina Van Vuuren -

Import & Export Control: Marius Collins -

Corporate Services: Phillip Semela -  

Covid-19 Statement

As part of the Government’s effort to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, ITAC has put in place additional measures. It is hoped that such measures would have assisted, and where still in effect, will continue to assist South Africa during this time of national disaster.


Issuing of Rebate Certificates under Rebate Item 412.11 placed on indefinite hold.

Stakeholders will be aware that ITAC was considering issuing a tailored, second round of rebate certificates under paragraph (a) of Rebate Item 412.11/00.00/01.00 and, in this regard, published a notice in Government Gazette No. 43470 inviting comments on administrative guidelines. The renewed issuing of rebate certificates was intended to respond to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa. ITAC engaged various domestic stakeholders in this regard because the granting certificates for a full rebate of the applicable customs duties for these products had to be carefully considered in light of the support that customs duties provide domestic manufacturers. Because of the considerable time this engagement required and in light of the current downward trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of the rate of new infections, as well as the ramping up domestic production of PPEs, the programme has been postponed indefinitely.


A new regulation has been enacted for the export of essential goods. In this regard, parties wanting to export such goods will find links to the relevant documents in the section entitled “Export Control Regulation relating to Covid-19” below.

Regarding applications, ITAC is receiving a large number of queries and applications. As a result, the processing time for applications varies, but is currently 5-10 days.

Please note that it is imperative that applicants send their import- or export-related questions and documents to the correct ITAC unit using the indicated email addresses (the Tariff Investigations unit for import/Rebate Item 412.11 matters and the Import & Export Control unit for export matters). 

Sending queries or documents to the incorrect unit will result in a slower response or processing time. 

Fraud alert!! Please note that ITAC does not use agents to accept or process applications and there is no charge for Export permits. 

Export Control Regulation relating to Covid-19 - please note updated documents:

Covid-19 - Export Control Regulation - Latest Nov 2020

Updated Covid-19 Export permit Standard Operating Procedure

Application form


Application to Register as an Exporter or Change in Current Information

Example of a properly completed application form

Past Notices and publications:

Publication for comment of Amended Guidelines for Rebate Item 412.11(a)

ITAC Covid-19 Notice of expiration of rebate certificates


ITAC Covid-19 communique:
ITAC Covid-19 lock-down communique