Import & Export Control working arrangements

01 Sep 2021
Due to the current risks that are experienced with Covid19 infections and restrictions including periods of isolation when individuals are infected or have been in contact with an infected person and closure to business premises due to identified positive Covid19 cases at the workplace, the following working arrangements have been made until further notice.

In order to ensure that administrative activities and responsibilities are not completely compromised and to comply with Covid19 restrictions, all staff members are allowed to work remotely, i.e. from their respective homes. Visitors to thedtic campus including the ITAC business premises are not allowed access to the campus due to the above-mentioned reasons and absence of staff members.

The above-mentioned work arrangement affects the answering of business telephones and clients are requested to communicate by e-mail.
All e-mail contact details and administrative activities/duties are available on the website.

Clients are requested to send e-mail enquiries, correspondence and application forms to responsible staff members only, as indicated on the contact detail list and are requested to refrain from sending mails to more than one or two officials, duplication of mails congests mailboxes and delay responses.

Staff members attend to mails as quickly as possible, please bear in mind that the obvious increase in e-mail correspondence negatively impact on turn-around times.

General import e-mail enquiries, i.e. enquiries that do not relate to activities as reflected in the contact detail list may be sent to the Import Control Manager or Assistant Manager and general export enquiries may be sent to the Export Control Manager or Assistant Manager. All clients are strongly advised to also consult other information including import and export regulations available on the website for general information purposes prior to making e-mail enquiries relating to information that is already available on the website.

Please also ensure that application forms are fully completed and that all information is provided to allow for processing without delay.

Please note that it is not required to register with ITAC when an ITAC import or export permit is not required as indicated in the relevant import and export regulations.

The importation of all used or second-hand goods is subject to ITAC import control measures.
Customs codes or import and export codes are administered by SARS, please visit for further information.