Tariff Investigation

The Commission follows a developmental or strategic approach to tariff setting with the objective of promoting domestic manufacturing activity, employment retention and creation, and international competitiveness.

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Trade Remedies

ITAC is responsible for conducting trade remedy investigations in accordance with policy, domestic law and regulations and consistent with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules. Applications to ITAC, in the main, are for anti-dumping action. Read More

Import & Export Control

The Import and Export Control regime administered by ITAC, regulates the movement of specific goods across the borders of South Africa, enforcing health, environmental, security and safety, and technical standards. Read more on Import Control and Export Control.

Latest News

Amended draft Guidelines pertaining to the rebate of the anti-dumping duty on Bone-in Chicken Cuts originating from the USA

On the 23 November 2018, ITAC published the draft amended AGOA Guidelines for public comment. The proposed amendments to the published Guidelines are indicated in the marked-up document.

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Renewal of the policy directive on the exportation of ferrous and non-ferrous waste and scrap metal

On 10 May 2013 the Minister of Economic Development (the Minister) issued a Trade Policy Directive to ...

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Call for Nominations: ITAC Commissioners

The Minister of Economic Development calls for nominations from the public for candidates to serve as members of the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC).

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