Investigation Reports


Report No.: 655 (Pdf 4.34 MB)
Title: Investigation into the alleged dumping of pasta from Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey: preliminary determination
Tariff No.:
Date: 18 Mar 2021

Report No.: 645 (Pdf 1.86 MB)
Title: Sunset Review Investigation of anti-dumping duties on clear drawn and float glass originating or imported from PRC (China) and India: Final determination
Tariff No.:
Date: 24 Nov 2020

Report No.: 639 (Pdf 3.34 MB)
Title: Investigation for remedial action in the form of safeguard measures against increases imports of U, I , H, L and T sections of iron or non-alloy steel: Preliminary determination
Tariff No.:
Date: 22 Oct 2020

Report No.: 636 (Pdf 955.14 KB)
Title: Investigation into remedial action in the form of a safeguard measure against the increased imports of bolts with hexagon heads of iron or steel: preliminary
Tariff No.:
Date: 06 Oct 2020

Report No.: 632 (Pdf 3.2 MB)
Title: Sunset review - anti-dumping duties on wire ropes and cables from Germany and UK and stranded wire from PRC (China)
Tariff No.:
Date: 20 Jul 2020