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ITAC urged to remove increased duty on stainless steel fasteners

18 July 2017
In what it believes to be an ?oversight?, Cape Town-based fastener supplier Fasten right is appealing for the removal of the customs duty that was implemented on stainless steel fasteners on April 1. The duty was imposed as part of protection measures for
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Why is the government protecting foreign-owned ArcelorMittal SA?

22 May 2017
In a surprise move, the government has notified the World Trade Organisation that it intends to introduce a 12% safeguard duty on top of the existing 10% customs duty on imported, hot-rolled steel.
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Delay in signing import tariff changes may hurt wheat millers

18 May 2017
Uncertainty is a terrible thing. If you are a wheat farmer or miller, it is something you have probably come to live with. Not because of the unpredictability of the weather or the volatile rand, or even the everpresent land or labour issues, but because
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LETTER: Makgetla is wrong about food prices and tariff formulation

12 May 2017
The issue of rising food prices has been at the core of policy discourse for some time, particularly, over the past year when the country experienced a perfect storm of a severe drought, and a volatile and depreciating rand. SA became a net importer of st
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Chicken issues should not mar trade relationship between EU and SA

03 May 2017
The difficulties being experienced by the South African poultry industry should not undermine the mutually beneficial trade relationship the country has with the EU, a representative of the EU said on Tuesday.
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Nam Underutilises Sacu Rebates for Promoting Manufacturing

03 May 2017
MARIA IMMANUEL NAMIBIA hardly uses rebate facilities provided in the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) agreement of 2002 as a policy instrument designed to stimulate manufacturing in the country.
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South Africa plans emergency steel tariff from July - WTO SA plans steel import tariffs

01 May 2017
South Africa is proposing to put emergency ?safeguard? tariffs on imports of certain steel products from July, it said in a filing published by the World Trade Organization this week.
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New duties on steel products indicative of South Africa's value-chain approach to protection

06 March 2017
The International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (Itac) confirms that it has recommended increased protection on several downstream steel products and that it is also considering recommending duties on a range of other value-added steel p
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Africa must turn resources into manufactured export products

20 February 2017
There is a shared sense that international trade has great potential to contribute to growth and poverty reduction. There are several examples of countries in which integration into the world economy was followed by strong growth and a reduction of povert
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DTI promises fast tracked support for downstream steel industry

17 February 2017
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) insists that measures to support the downstream steel industry in South Africa are a priority for government and are being fast-tracked. In a statement outlining the various interventions undertaken since 2015
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