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South Africa reduces wheat import tariff

25 September 2017
WASHINGTON, D.C., U.S. - South Africa on Sept. 8 lowered its wheat import tariff to R379.34 per tonne, down 60% from the previous tariff of R947.20 per tonne, according to a Sept. 19 report from the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of A
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Domestic cement sales grew 4.6% in the third quarter

15 September 2017
Domestic cement sales grew 4.6% in the third quarter of last year after contracting in the first two quarters, though sales were on track to come in lower than in 2013.
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Thousands of paint industry jobs at risk

15 September 2017
JOHANNESBURG - Thousands of jobs and the future existence of South African based paint manufacturers are at risk because of a government decision to negotiate the abolition of Chapter 39 import duties, specifically resins, from the East African Community
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The Battle over Safeguards on Poultry Imports from the EU continues

07 September 2017
Gerhard Erasmus, tralac Associate and Willemien Viljoen, tralac Researcher discuss the ongoing safeguard investigation into South Africa?s imposition of a safeguard duty on poultry imports from the EU
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No safeguarding conspiracy between government and ArcelorMittal

23 August 2017
Gerhard Papenfus - CEO of the National Employer Association of SA really needs to be called out on his piece, ArcelorMittal has benefit of safeguards despite making inferior steel at times.
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Industrial base growth will stimulate provinces steel industry

18 August 2017
Growing the Eastern Cape industrial base will assist in stimulating growth in the struggling steel industry, says the Industrial Development Corporation.
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ITAC urged to remove increased duty on stainless steel fasteners

18 July 2017
In what it believes to be an ?oversight?, Cape Town-based fastener supplier Fasten right is appealing for the removal of the customs duty that was implemented on stainless steel fasteners on April 1. The duty was imposed as part of protection measures for
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Why is the government protecting foreign-owned ArcelorMittal SA?

22 May 2017
In a surprise move, the government has notified the World Trade Organisation that it intends to introduce a 12% safeguard duty on top of the existing 10% customs duty on imported, hot-rolled steel.
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Delay in signing import tariff changes may hurt wheat millers

18 May 2017
Uncertainty is a terrible thing. If you are a wheat farmer or miller, it is something you have probably come to live with. Not because of the unpredictability of the weather or the volatile rand, or even the everpresent land or labour issues, but because
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LETTER: Makgetla is wrong about food prices and tariff formulation

12 May 2017
The issue of rising food prices has been at the core of policy discourse for some time, particularly, over the past year when the country experienced a perfect storm of a severe drought, and a volatile and depreciating rand. SA became a net importer of st
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