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New duties on steel products indicative of South Africa's value-chain approach to protection

06 March 2017
The International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (Itac) confirms that it has recommended increased protection on several downstream steel products and that it is also considering recommending duties on a range of other value-added steel p
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Africa must turn resources into manufactured export products

20 February 2017
There is a shared sense that international trade has great potential to contribute to growth and poverty reduction. There are several examples of countries in which integration into the world economy was followed by strong growth and a reduction of povert
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DTI promises fast tracked support for downstream steel industry

17 February 2017
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) insists that measures to support the downstream steel industry in South Africa are a priority for government and are being fast-tracked. In a statement outlining the various interventions undertaken since 2015
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Government intervenes to save steel sector

17 February 2017
Johannesburg - The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) says it is implementing measures to protect the steel industry. The local steel sector has recently been decimated, with thousands of workers retrenched as companies stopped running furnaces.
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Amsa seeks cheaper electricity

13 February 2017
WITH a surplus of electricity output, Eskom is now in talks with heavy industry on preferential pricing and looking for avenues to sell. ArcelorMittal South Africa CEO Wim de Klerk said on Friday that for the first time in years his company was in talk
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AMSA wants customers to unite behind call for industry-wide protection

10 February 2017
Steel producer ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) has appealed to its downstream customers to join it in a united lobbying effort for higher levels of tariff protection on both primary and value-added steel products, which, it claims, are being displaced b
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Trade forum looks into poultry dumping claims

10 February 2017
The poultry trade between South Africa and Namibia is not clearly defined, leading to confusion regarding the actual origin of many chicken products imported into the Southern African Customs Union (SACU). This surfaced after SACU announced a 13.9% tax on
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US poultry imports

08 February 2017
Much controversy has surrounded South Africa?s poultry imports from the US. Freelance journalist, Peter Fabricius, examines this thorny issue and attempts to clarify some misconceptions
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Should South Africa ban the EU chicken meat dumping

02 February 2017
Yesterday executives, union workers and employees of South Africa?s chicken industry marched to the European Union (EU) offices in Pretoria to demand an end to the dumping of cheap chicken imports in South Africa. They say this is destroying the local ind
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Impact of poultry regulations will be known in February

22 January 2017
Johannesburg - The beleaguered poultry industry says it will only know what impact the new regulations that restrict the amount of brine allowed in frozen chicken pieces have had by the end of February. The regulations, which restrict brine in frozen p
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