Report No.: 560 (Pdf 327.39 KB)
Title: Review of the rate of customs duty of prefabricated steel buildings
Tariff No.:
Date: 18 Sep 2017

Report No.: 559 (Pdf 147.93 KB)
Title: Application for the creation of a rebate provision for bangles of base metal whether or not plated with precious metal
Tariff No.: 7117.19
Date: 17 Aug 2017

Report No.: 558 (Pdf 244.25 KB)
Title: Creation of a rebate provision for vintage and/or internationally collectable motet vehicles classifiable under tariff heading 87.03
Tariff No.: 87.03
Date: 03 Nov 2017

Report No.: 556 (Pdf 1.32 MB)
Title: Reduction in the rate of customs duty on thermal transfer printing ribbons in Cartridges
Tariff No.: 96.12.10
Date: 20 Jul 2017

Report No.: 554 (Pdf 145.64 KB)
Title: Technical corrections to the SACU tariff structure on certain tariff lines
Tariff No.:
Date: 20 Jun 2017