Export Control: Administrative officials - Scrap Metal and Semi-Finished Metal Products

Duly completed applications for export permits and enquiries, must be submitted by e-mail to the relevant administrative officials as indicated below, responsible for the administration of export applications for the exportation of the listed goods:

Export of scrap metal - ferrous and non-ferrous

Eleanor Graaff  | egraaff@itac.org.za

Bridget Shangase | bshangase@itac.org.za

Export of semi-finished products - ferrous

Ernest Roman | eroman@itac.org.za

Lerato Buthelezi | lbuthelezi@itac.org.za

Export: General goods and export of semi-finished products - non ferrous

Dudu Mogale | dmogale@itac.org.za

Donovan Mitchell | dmitchell@itac.org.za